Usage Notes

Pokédex API is free to be consumed by everyone. Having said that, we ask every developers using our API to read the usage notes and abide by it.
  • Locally cache resources when ever you request them through the API. Caching the resources you already requested prevents multiple API calls to request the same resource. Which makes your application or website faster, doesn’t consume your rate limits and also gives less load to our servers.
  • Do not spam the entire service to scrape all the data. Only request the resource that’s actually necessary for your application or website.
  • Use the correct User-Agent header. Using the correct User-Agent header in your API requests (as explained in the Reference page) let’s us know what library, application and/or website is requesting the resource. If your library, application or website gets popular enough, we may showcase it in our website.
  • Give us a back-link. We don’t charge you anything, and we never will. Pokédex API will be free forever. So, the least we want form you is to mention that the data that you show in your application or website is fetched from us (our API).
Users not complying with this will have their IP address permanently banned, if their application or website is abusing the API.